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1996B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering), National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Kerala, India
2001M.Sc. (CompSci), UCC
2002 - PresentPh.D. (CompSci), UCC

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Phone+353 (0)21 4205937
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Book Chapters
[1] John P. Morrison, Sunil John and David A. Power

Supporting Native Applications in WebCom-G
Distributed and Parallel Systems Cluster and Grid Computing Series: The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science. Editors: Zoltan Juhasz et al, Vol. 777, September, 2004
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[2] Sunil John

Object Oriented Condensed Graphs: A Framework to support Large-Scale Software Engineering
Ph.D. Thesis, National University of Ireland, Cork, July, 2008
[3] Sunil John

Video Compression Techniques and Software Simulation of Video Codec for MPEG-2
M.Sc. Thesis, National University of Ireland, UCC, September, 2001

Journal Papers
[4] Sunil John and John P. Morrison

Object Oriented Condensed Graphs
Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience (SCPE), Vol. 9(2), PP. 83-94, June, 2008

Conference Papers
[5] John P. Morrison, Sunil John, David A. Power, Neil Cafferkey and Adarsh Patil

A Grid Application Development Platform for WebCom-G
Cluster Computing and Grid (CCGrid) 2005, Cardiff, UK, May 9-12, 2005
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[6] John P. Morrison, Brian Clayton, Adarsh Patil and Sunil John

The Information Gathering Module of the WebCom-G Operating System
In Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing (ISPDC) - IEEE Press, Ljubljana, Slovenia., September, 2003
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[7] David A. Power, Adarsh Patil, Sunil John and John P. Morrison

Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA 2003), Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., June 23-26, 2003
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Workshop Papers
[8] Sunil John and John P. Morrison

Garbage Collection in Object Oriented Condensed Graphs
Springer-Verlag LNCS, 3rd Workshop on Large Scale Computation on Grids, LaSCoG 2007, held jointly with the 7th International Conference on Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics, Gdansk, Poland, Vol. 4967, PP. 860-869, May, 2008

[9] Sunil John

WebCom-G Programming Environment; based on the Condensed Graph model of Computing
Computer Science Department, UCC, March, 2004