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1997 - 2001B.Sc. (CompSci), UCC
2001 - 2006 Ph.D. (CompSci), UCC
2006 - 2013 Postdoctoral Researcher, UCC
2013 - Present Research Fellow, UCC

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Phone+353 (0)21 4205935
FAX+353 (0)21 4205367


Book Chapters
[1] John P. Morrison, David A. Power, Brian C. Clayton, Adarsh Patil, Philip D. Healy and James J. Kennedy

WebCom-G: Middleware to Hide the Grid
Grid Technologies Emerging from Distributed Architectures to Virtual Organizations, Vol. WIT Press 2006, PP. 271-307, Editors: M.P. Bekakos, G.A. Gravvanis and H.R. Arabnia, 2006
Abstract   BibTex   Download (pdf)
[2] John P. Morrison, Padraig J. O'Dowd and Philip D. Healy

An Investigation into Applicability of Distributed FPGAs to High Performance Computing
In High Performance Computing: Paradigm and Infrastructure. Edited by Laurence T. Yang and Minyi Guo, PP. 277-294, June, 2005
Abstract   BibTex   Download (pdf)

[3] Philip D. Healy

Metacomputing on Clusters Augmented with Reconfigurable Hardware
Ph.D. Thesis, National University of Ireland, PP. 155, Cork, May, 2006

Journal Papers
[4] Philip Healy, John Morrison, Ray Walshe

ElasticSSI: Self-optimizing Metacomputing through Process Migration and Elastic Scaling
ERCIM News, Vol. 7, July, 2012
[5] John P. Morrison, Philip D. Healy, David A. Power and Keith J. Power

The Role of XML within the WebCom Metacomputing Platform
Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience, Vol. 6(1), PP. 33-43, March, 2005

Conference Papers
[6] Kaniz Fatema , Philip D. Healy ,Vincent C. Emeakaroha , John P. Morrison and Theo Lynn

A User Data Location Control Model for Cloud Services
Accepted for publication, CLOSER 2014, 2014
[7] Theo Lynn, Philip Healy, Richard Mcclatchey, John Morrison, Claus Pahl, Brian Lee

The Case for Cloud Service Trustmarks and Assurance-as-a-Service
Accepted for publication, 3rd International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER 2013) , 2013
[8] Ruairi D. O'Reilly, David Power, Philip D. Healy, John P. Morrison, Geraldine B. Boylan

ScrutiniseIT: A Search-Based Approach to EEG Seizure Detection
Accepted for publication, eTELEMED 2013, The Fifth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine , 2013
[9] Philip D. Healy, Ruairi D. O'Reilly, Geraldine B. Boylan and John P. Morrison

Web-based Remote Monitoring of Live EEG
HealthCom '10, PP. 6, Lyon, France, July 1-3, 2010
[10] Neil Cafferkey, Philip D. Healy, David A. Power and John P. Morrison

Job Management in WebCom
In Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing (ISPDC) - IEEE Press, Hagenberg, Austria, July 4th-8th, 2007
[11] John P. Morrison, Padraig J. O'Dowd and Philip D. Healy

LinuxNOW: A Peer-to-Peer Metacomputer for the Linux Operating System
Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications, Las Vegas, Nevada, June 21-24, 2004
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[12] John P. Morrison, Philip D. Healy and Padraig J. O'Dowd

Architecture and Implementation of a Distributed Reconfigurable Metacomputer
International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 13-17, 2003
[13] John P. Morrison, Padraig J. O'Dowd and Philip D. Healy

Searching RC5 Keyspaces with Distributed Reconfigurable Hardware
ERSA, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, June 23-26, 2003
[14] John P. Morrison and Philip D. Healy

Implementing the WebCom 2 Distributed Computing Platform with XML
International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Iasi, Romania, June 17-20, 2002
[15] Vincent C Emeakaroha, Philip Healy, Kaniz Fatema, John P Morrison

Analysis of Data Interchange Formats for Interoperable and Efficient Data Communication in Clouds
2013 IEEE/ACM 6th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing, Dresden, Germany

Workshop Papers
[16] Stefan Meyer, Philip Healy, Theo Lynn, John Morrison

Quality Assurance for Open Source Software Configuration Management
Management of Resources and Services in Cloud and Sky Computing (MICAS 2013), Timisoara, Romania , September 23-26, 2013
[17] Vincent C. Emeakaroha, Philip D. Healy, Kaniz Fatema, John P. Morrison

Cloud Interoperability via Message Bus and Monitoring Integration
Workshop on Dependability and Interoperability in Heterogeneous Clouds (DIHC13), Aachen, Germany, August, 2013