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2002 - 2006B.Sc. (CompSci), UCC
2006 - PresentPh.D. (CompSci), UCC

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Phone+353 (0)21 4205934
FAX+353 (0)21 4205367
Conference Papers
[1] Dan C. Marinescu, John P. Morrison, Chen Yu, Christoffer Norvik, Howard Jay Siegel

A Self-Organization Model for Complex Computing and Communication Systems
SASO 2008, PP. 149-158, Venice, Italy 20-24 October, 2008
[2] Dan C. Marinescu, Chen Yu, Gabriela M. Marinescu, John P. Morrison, Christoffer Norvik

A reputation algorithm for a self-organizing system based upon resource virtualization
IPDPS, PP. 1-6 14-18 April, 2008
[3] Christoffer Norvik, John P. Morrison, Dan C. Marinescu, Chen Yu, Gabriela M. Marinescu and Howard Jay Siegel

Managing Contracts in Pleiades Using Trust Management
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Autonomic and Trusted Computing (ATC-08), Vol. 5060, PP. 470-480, Oslo, 2008
[4] Adarsh Patil, Christoffer Norvik, David A. Power and John P. Morrison

Implementing fine and coarse grained payment mechanisms using WebCom
The 8th Hellenic European Research on, September 20-22, 2007
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