ISPDC/HeteroPar 2004

Sunday July 4th

  ISPDC HeteroPar
5-7 PM Conference registration and delegate welcoming reception.
Staff Restaurant

Monday July 5th

8.45 AM Conference Opening - Coffee
9.00 AM Keynote Talk
H.J. Siegel, Colorado State University, USA
Keynote Talk
Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee, USA
G19, Kane Building
11.30 AM Coffee
  SESSION 1: Mobile and Agent-based Computing
Session Chair: Dan Grigoras
11.45 AM A Formalism for Context-Aware Mobile Computing.

Lu Yan and Kaisa Sere
12.05 PM A New Model for 3-D Cellular Mobile Networks.

Catherine Decayeux, David Seme.
12.25 PM

Voronoi Mobile Cellular Networks: Topological properties .

Anne-Elisabeth Baert, David Seme.

1.00 PM Lunch
2.20 PM

Parallel Framework for Ant-like Algorithms.

Mitica Craus, Laurentiu Rudeanu.

2.40 PM Parallel program graphical design with program execution control based on global application states.

M Tudruj, J Borkowski, D. Kopanski.
3.00 PM Testing the Efficiency of JADE Agent Platform.

Krzysztof Chmiel, Dominik Tomiak, Maciej Gawinecki, Pawel Karczmarek, Michal Szymczak, Marcin Paprzycki.
3.30 PM Coffee

SESSION 2: Applications and Architectures
Session Chair: Philip Healy

3.45 PM Using a J2EE Cluster for Parallel Computation of Join Queries in Distributed Databases.

Yosi Ben-Asher, Shlomo Berkovsky, Ariel Tammam, Edi Shmueli.
4.05 PM Estimating a workstation CPU assignment with the DYPAP monitor.

Marta Beltran, Jose L. Bosque.
4.25 PM RSCS: A Parallel Simplex Algorithm for the Nimrod/O Optimization Toolset.

Andrew Lewis, David Abramson, Tom Peachey.
4.45 PM Calculating Smarandache Function in Parallel.

Sabin Tabirca, Tany Tabirca, Kieran Reynolds and
Laurence Yang.
5.05 PM Solving Langford problem in parallel.

Christophe Jaillet, Michaël Krajecki.
5.25 PM Distributed Shared Memory System based on the Maestro2 High Performance Cluster Network.

Kevin Ferreira, Shinichi Yamagiwa, Leonel Sousa, Keiichi Aoki, Koichi Wada, Luis Migue.
5.45 PM Dynamic SMP Clusters with Communication on the Fly in NoC Technology for Very Fine Grain Computations.

Marek Tudruj, Lukasz Masko.
6.05 PM End of Day 1

Tuesday July 6th

8.45 AM Coffee
9.00 AM Invited Talk
Martin Rem, University of Eindhoven, Netherlands
G19, Kane Building
  SESSION 3: Scheduling and Load Balancing.
Session Chair: David Power
10.20 AM A Parallel Algorithm for Multilevel k-way Hypergraph Partitioning.

Aleksandar Trifunovic, William J. Knottenbelt.
10.40 AM Just in Time Scheduling Translation for Parallel Processors.

Giovanni Agosta, Stefano Crespi Reghizzi, Gerlando Falauto, Martino Sykora.
11.10 AM Coffee
11.30 AM Data Partitioning with a Realistic Performance Model of Networks of Heterogeneous Computers with Task Size Limits.

Alexey Lastovetsky, Ravi Reddy.
11.50 AM Adaptive Scheduling Across a Distributed Computation Platform.

Andrew Page, Thomas Keane, Thomas Naughton.
12.10 PM Program Graph Scheduling for SMP Clusters with Communication on-the-Fly Based on Extended DS Approach.

Lukasz Masko.
12.30 PM

A Java CPU Calibration Tool for Load Balancing in Distributed Applications

Guilhem Paroux, Bernard Toursel, Richard Olejnik, Violetta Felea.

1.00 PM Lunch
  SESSION 4: Grid and Peer-to-Peer Computing
Session Chair: Adarsh Patil
2.00 PM ParCop: A Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Computing System.

Nidal Al-Dmour, W.J. Teahan.
2.20 PM

Parallel Approximate Finite Element Inverse Preconditioning on Distributed Systems.

George Gravannis, Konstantinos Giannoutakis.

2.40 PM Execution of Typical Scientific Applications on Globus-based Grids.

J. Herrera, E. Huedo, R.S. Montero, I.M. Llorente.
3.00 PM GridAdmin: Decentralising Grid Administration using Trust Management.

Thomas B. Quillinan, Brian C. Clayton, Simon N. Foley.
3.30 PM Coffee
3.45 PM Improving the GridRPC Model with Data Persistence and Redistribution.

Emmanuel Jeannot, Frédéric Desprez.
4.05 PM Towards a Service-Oriented Ad Hoc Grid.

Matthew Smith, Thomas Friese, Bernd Freisleben.
4.25 PM Extending Maple to the Grid: Design and Implementation.

Dana Petcu, Diana Dubu, Marcin Paprzycki.
4.45 PM AGORA: An Architecture for Strategyproof Computing in Grids.

Daniel Grosu.
5.05 PM Bridging Secure WebCom and European DataGrid Security for Multiple VOs over Multiple Grids.

David W. O'Callaghan, Brian A. Coghlan.
5.25 PM The CanonicalProducer: an Instrument monitoring component of the Relational Grid Monitoring Architecture (R-GMA).

Stuart Kenny.
5.45 PM End of Talk Sessions
7.30 PM
Conference Banquet
Held in the atmospheric Aula Maxima building

Wednesday July 7th

8.45 AM Coffee
9.00 AM Invited Talk
Edwin K. P. Chong, Colorado State University, USA
G19, Kane Building
  SESSION 5: Theory of Parallel Computing.
Session Chair: Brian Clayton
10.15 AM An Optimal Certificate Dispersal Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Hua Zheng, Shingo Omura, Jiro Uchida, Koichi Wada.
10.35 AM Program Structuring Algorithms for Dynamically Reconfigurable Parallel Systems Based on Redundant Connection Systems.

Eryk Laskowski.
10.55 AM

Hierarchical detection of Strongly Consistent Global States.

Janusz Borkowski.

11.15 AM Coffee
11.30 AM Designing Modular Services in the Scattered Byzantine Failure Model.

E. Anceaume, C. Delporte-Gallet, H. Fauconnier, M. Hurfin , G. Le Lann.
11.50 AM Program Implementation Based on Macro Data Flow Paradigm with RDMA Communication Support.

Adam Smyk, Marek Tudruj.
12.10 PM Spreading the Load using Consistent Hashing: A Preliminary Report.

Garret Swart.
12.30 PM

Analytic Comparison of Two Advance C Language-Based Parallel Programming Models.

Ami Marowka.

1.00 PM Lunch
2.00 PM Social Event:  Tour of Historical Kinsale
Click here for information on Kinsale

Conference Closing Ceremony & Ritual Passing of the Spoon

Note: All ISPDC talks will take place in the Boole 5 Lecture Hall

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